I still haven’t gotten around to make a nice manga rec page so here’s a half-assed one. 

CHANG GE XING (Song of the Long March) (@BATOTO)

Li Changge was a Tang princess—but she died when Li Shimin killed her father and his family and assumed the throne for himself as the Emperor of the Tang dynasty. She now plots revenge—even if it takes her to pretend to be a man, even if it takes her into the middle of wars between the Han Chinese and the tribes of the West, even if it costs her her life. 

READ THIS IF YOU LIKE historical drama with political and military strategies, a lot of action, martial arts, pretty art, did i mention the art holy shit, FEMALE LED HISTORICAL DRAMAS (Changge isn’t the only badass female character in the manhua), and NON-HAN CHINESE MAIN CHARACTERS!!!


People say 15 yo Yan Heng has talent in swordmanship, that he can go far in the Jianghu. It was his first day as a senior apprentice in his sect. And then the Wudang sect came, and proclaiming that they were going to be the strongest sect in the entire empire, they destroyed his sect. Now he’s the last of his sect, and he wants revenge.

Dont expect your run-of-the-mill wuxia story with this one. Not only is our protagonist the very definition of underdog (no really, just read the first two chapters), but you’ll sort of find yourself sympathising with the big bad antagonists as well. Also found families you will root for on both sides. 

Please just read this for the girls at the very least. Girls who make no apologies for being in love. Girls who make no apologies for being strong, or for wanting to be strong. Girls who bond with each other. Girls~! 

And pretty art too!

Shoukoku no Altair (@BATOTO)

Set in a fictionalised Ottoman Empire/Türkiye with the plot lines inspired by historical Europe/Asia across centuries.Mahmut is a young Pasha who wants to do right for his kingdom, but his naivety cost him and Türkiye early in the story, and with the evil Empire on the verge of a continent-wide conquest, he must embark on a journey across the land to hold the Empire at bay, save Türkiye, maybe, but most of all prove to himself and everyone else that he is a great general and politician. 

THE ART IS INCREDIBLE the attention to detail and CHARACTER DESIGNS!!! HOLY SHIT. SnA has characters from pretty much all corner of Eurasia (yes there are a whole load of PoCs in the main cast!) but each character and each culture has unique designs that stick with you immediately. 

ALSO real cool story and yes it treats the ladies right too!!!


If you like Shaman King, Noragami, ie stories where you can have dead spirits fight for you then you’ll probably like this. If you like Chinese history and mythology you’ll probably like it too. If you like Three Kingdoms, well, the main character is a descendant of Cao Cao, and his main spirits are the old famous Cao Wei generals—he’s still in the middle of collecting them all though. 

One of the weirdest found families I’ve read tbh and I’ve read and loved lot of stories with found families. 

Seiketsu no Haguruma (@BATOTO)

This isn’t a historical manga—it’s a sci-fi one but wait it’s so good okay let me tell you. It’s about a world where people are divided into red-bloods and blue-bloods, and the blue-bloods are in a position of privilege and have been systematically killing off the red-bloods. The protagonist is a naive, sheltered blue-blood—actually, the prince of the blue-bloods. He makes toys and animate them using his blood. He kept making them because he’s lonely, and also because it seemed to please with his father. And then he found out that his father and his kingdom had been using his toys as weapons of war and destruction, and he “betrayed” his own family and kingdom to hunt down his toys, destroy them, and most importantly, end this war. 

Wow no my summary can’t do it justice just read it k. 

All these comics are probs rated T—warning for violence, war and death, but nothing much otherwise. I do read a pile of other mangas/hwas/huas—especially historical ones, and there are a lot of really good ones but they’d need detailed trigger and content warnings if I want to responsibly rec them. These are a lot safer and they’re as good a read too! If I miss out on any tw/cw pls tell me though!

Oblig Ravages of Time and Teppu rec. Go read these. You need more pretty dead generals and queer MMA fighter ladies in your life. Go Go Go.



Jeremy Mann

Reminds me of Blade Runner.


Several amazing works by ルリア

Un pequeño requiem a mis discos duros

Para alguien que se pasa la mayoría de su tiempo frente a computadoras: los discos duros como unidad de almacenamiento principal tienen un gran valor. Ya que básicamente almacenan tu vida digital, por lo tanto al fallar  de manera permanente se llevan consigo una parte de ti.
En mi caso después de por fin traer a Caracas mi pc, uno de mis discos duros no supero el viaje (quizás por no atornillarlo bien al soporte). Era mi Itachi de 80 gb ide el primer disco duro que tuve, uno de lo mas longevo y el que mas satisfacción me brindo. Muchas instalaciones al principio de Windows y después varios Linux se alojaron allí. Formateado hasta el cansancio siempre estuvo listo para otra formateada mas y otro Linux. Debo agradecer por las oportunidades que me dio para aprender, además de ser custodio de mis documentos, musica, imágenes, juegos y demás.
Luego ayer en lo que se podría considerar un infarto fulminante, murió mi disco de 500gb que vino con mi segunda maquina (la primera que compre con mi trabajo). Aún me encuentro en estado de negación, ya que se suponía que ese disco seria el bunker de mi data: TODA MI MUSICA, mis imágenes, TODO EL PORNO, mis documentos, muchos libros de programación que jamas leere, mi Ubuntu tuneado (mi so por defecto), el Windows + Office + muchas vainas para programar con herramientas de Microsoft + juegos.
Por lo visto todo se fue a la nada, por lo menos el disco de 500gb arranca y tiene un molesto ruido, por lo que quizás algún experto pueda salvar algo (aunque claro costara su platica). El daño no fue total porque tengo un respaldo de hace un par de meses, pero primero debo ir a Barquisimeto a buscarlo y comprar otro disco, cuyos valores están como de 3 mil a mas de 5 mil bolívares en mercado libre.
Se les extrañara burda. por favor disco de 500 vuelve a la vida una vez mas para respaldar mis cosas, por lo menos mi porno favorita … y mi musica, proyectos de programación, algunos documentos … ¡¿POR QUE?!
Gracias por leer hasta aquí, a pesar de todo no es una gran tragedia y hasta quizás sea positivo un inicio en limpio, bueno hasta aquí que ya es lunes y hay que trabajar y todo lo demás.


Finally finished this print for Q con, it was really fun to do :D


Finally finished this print for Q con, it was really fun to do :D